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Three day weekends are beautiful. *lazes* (I'm ignoring the fact that this is the last extended vacation I'll see until spring break for lo, that is depressing and unsuitable for this time of joy.)

The only goal I have for today is getting through the third act of Richard III and maybe a bit of the fourth. And dudes, all this Shakespeare is making me long for Slings & Arrows something fierce. I'm going to have to find a source because *grabby hands*

And then I'm going back to Master and Commander. There are entire paragraphs in which I understand only prepositions and conjunctions, but O'Brian is good about explaining the important things and conveying the gist of the action through all the detail. And I have wikipedia on standby if I absolutely must know what a deadeye is.

You guys. Omg, you guys. I'm about halfway through the book, Stephen and Jack have known each other for all of a week, and already THEY ARE MARRIED. Seriously, the bit where Jack is standing out in the rain and Stephen scolds him for it and brings him warmer clothes? I DIED. AND THEN I CAME BACK TO LIFE SO I COULD KEEP READING. They have PET NAMES for each other. They are forever gazing at one another with affection. And O'Brian very clearly establishes their feelings on the subject of buggery. It's killing me.

STEPHEN HAS HIS OWN FAN CLUB. It is the cutest, sweetest thing ever! They all love him and want to share their potential prize money with him for being so awesomesauce at the amputating and stuff. ♥

ALSO: SURPRISING FUNNY. "...Stephen, who, preferring to die in the open, had crept up on deck, had been made fast to a stanchion and who now stood, mute, sodden and appalled, behind him." I cackled, not even going to lie. Stephen is so clueless about anything and everything nautical. It's endearing.

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting to say, but yeah. I've only read half and I kind of adore it.
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