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Motherfucking SNOW DAY! \o/ YEAH, BITCHES! Watch as I swear a lot in my joy! (Like Neil Gaiman, in a way.) Thank god for living in almost-the-south, where three inches of snow make the entire county shut down. I will pause for all you northerners to laugh disdainfully, secure in the knowledge that you're just jellus.

Have finished Master and Commander. I was dumb and didn't pre-buy the next couple in the series, so I am now bereft of Jack and Stephen. *sadface* I just - They are such OTP. Jack freaking holds a conversation with invisible!Stephen because Stephen is back on land and Jack both misses him and is worried about him. OMG, the scene with the snake and Jack jumping up on the chair like a TOTAL LOSER. Stephen can be such a snarky bitch, with his whole "Oh, yes. It'll attack any moment, I can feel it. And it's terribly poisonous. Probably you'll die." I LOVE HIM.

Dudes, everything to do with Marshall makes my heart go squish. When he takes Jack's boots off and, like, tucks a pillow under his head? I DIED. It was SO SWEET. And when Dillon blackmails him by threatening to out him, and there's that paragraph about how totally terrified he is. O'Brian took such pains to show Marshall as genuinely a decent guy who really cares about Jack and oh, how I gleeface.

And because I like to hedge my pimpery with caveats, I have to say that I can fully understand not getting the love. The books are more a record of the lives of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin than anything else. There isn't really a conventional narrative structure with exposition leading into the exciting bits in the middle and then tapering off into denouement. It's one continuous story full of lots of ye olde naval jargon. But: LOVE. I have so much love for it.

I've moved on to the first book in the Lymond Chronicles, because apparently I enjoy having to pause and look things up every ten minutes. (Scottish people do not speak English, I have concluded. Already there are entire sentences where I understand neither subject nor verb.) Testing the waters here to see if I like it, and then I'll probably obtain the next two Aubrey-Maturin and the second in this series all at once.

And, just to round things out in an entry composed of 90% fannish flailing, I have pinpointed the exact moment that I gave up and loved Psych with my entire soul: An episode about Spanish soap operas in which they translated the theme song. Possibly I will need icons.
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