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I would like to register a complaint at the department of evolution. This female reproductive system is borked. A cranky uterus results in an aching back, how? There has to be a better design.

Have caved and ordered the next three Aubrey/Maturin books. (How much do I love that that's what the series is called by people who aren't writing fanfic about it? *holds arms out wide*) Friend mocked me most cruelly. His tune changed once the words "gay" and "subtext" came up. It is, after all, our most favorite of all subtexts. It legitimizes many lifestyle choices.

Is it just me or did Psych seriously ramp it up in season 3? I'm only four episodes in and already there has been wrestling and speeches of love and "Are you kidding? He was voted most likely to succeed. You think he's gonna date me?" It almost always takes me awhile to warm up to shipping the lifelong-BFF pairing, but dudes. I want to read so much more of that. *dies*

I keep managing to love this show even more than previously. It's consistently funny in that offbeat kind of way that is my faaaavorite. I gleeface a lot. The relationship between Henry and Shawn is just - asdkljadf. They argue all the time and it always manages to turn, very naturally, into something kind of sweet. I love that. I love that they have this lifetime of issues, but they still obviously care about each other in this understated way. And I seriously love it when we get to see Shawn break, drop the mad observant genius mask and be really messed up underneath it. Hidden depths and daddy issues. It's like freaking catnip, I swear.

Current clothing choices involve a black undershirt, this t-shirt, and black pajama pants. I'm wonky hair and a mask away from being a very scene ninja, and I do not even care. I have to get up for an 8am lab tomorrow, and I intend to laze it up even more than usual this evening.

Memo to self: lungs are not like delicate flowers. They do not need to be watered, especially not with tea.
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