Jan. 11th, 2009

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Classes start tomorrow, flist. I'm beginning to think it will be a Good Thing. My brain is even more scattershot than is (relatively) normal. I'm at that weird halfway place where I'm sort of falling out of one fandom and into a new one while at the same time just kind of... drifting around. Therefore: intense obsession with lots of things! Like Merlin! And Paul Bettany! And Master and Commander and A Knight's Tale and Colin Morgan!

It's deeply frustrating. Mine is a monofannish nature not made for things like this. I can't settle, I can't focus, I have loads of energy and nothing to center it on. I remember this climbing-the-walls feeling from leaving Due South; it'll fade eventually, I know it will. In the meantime, though? There's a constant pressing need to be flailing over something and telling someone just why it is the most awesomely awesomest thing ever to awesome, and Friend is about to reach through the internet to STAB me in the FACE.

(Case in point: some kind soul uploaded Midnight, the episode of Doctor Who CM's in, to youtube, and I've sent Friend eleventy billion IMs about how it's brilliant and also Colin is ridiculously attractive in emo clothes. He agrees with these things, but just. There's a difference between fannish people and non-fannish, and that difference is that he can only talk about it for so long before bashing his head against a wall.)

IDK. I guess, in summary, it's shocking how much I need a fandom to keep me grounded? /o\


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