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I have been really exceedingly bad at posting (and commenting) lately. I'm reading everything! Just not, y'know, responding to it. /o\

Brief rundown of my existence lately:
- Shakespeare. Two plays. Need done by Wednesday. Have I done any reading? Ahahahahahahaha, you silly things. OF COURSE I HAVEN'T.
- Being the Littlest Lumberjack (and I'm okay). The course description for ornithology neglected to mention that I'd spend a couple of hours clearing brush and praying to the sweet baby Jesus I didn't stumble across a patch of poison ivy. Fangirls love lepers, I'm sure.
- Not Packing. I like to save that joy for the morning I leave. Nothing like a dose of panic to make everyday life more interesting.
- Everything is better with drinking games, including things that are already awesome. (Notable exception: quality of typing. And it's harder to decipher the drunk text of others when you're a bit sloshed yourself.) However, do not reveal any ignorance as to the rules of said game. People will take cruel advantage of this and shout random numbers at you to make you drink more.
- Watching Paul Bettany juggle fire while half-naked. Some people will have already heard about this, but I find that it can't be stated often enough. Paul Bettany. Fire juggling. Half-naked.

Also, I wanted to mention to my roomies/those I am likely to hang out with that I have 150 GB of storage space open for any media we're likely to need THIS WEEKENED OMG. My hard drive is your hard drive, people. If I can find a source for it, I will make it happen.
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Guys. (I typed "gays" like, five times at least, paging Dr. Freud) I am so very very drunk right now. I cannot even tell you. It's all my brother's fault. And if I didn't hit backspace ELEVENTY BILLION TIMES you would read the full force of the drunk. But I am persistent so you will not.

Basically, this is to say that I would do Paul Bettany SO HARD. SO HARD. OMG. I watched Wimbledon today and I have just finished telling Friend how I would do Paul Bettany. But not providing details because I am demure like that.

[livejournal.com profile] joandarck, you were so very right. His pants are so low on his hips and he is so shirtless and I watched that scene about a dozen times. I would do such unspeakable things to him.

Dudes, I have the idea that I am going to be so embarrassed tomorrow. And yet? I care not. Even though Friend has signed off and it may not be accidental.



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