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Firefox won't open things I type into the address bar, didn't save my tabs from the last session, and is generally being a pissy little bitch. It'll never see another update again if this is what I get for my trouble. *growls*

I have been a bad, terrible, no-good student today. Both of my classes lost out to watching Veronica Mars with [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw. Blame her, for she is a dirty enabler. She scolded me a lot when I let it slip that I'd never seen the show, and now all I want to do is watch more of it. Studying for chem is even less appealing than usual, and usually it falls somewhere between barrel of roaches and petting a cactus. (Why don't chemists have to take bio, I ask you. There is no justice in the world.)

The fact that I graduate in less than a year and the only plan I have so far involves gallivanting around England for a couple of weeks is beginning to stress me out. Friend has generously offered to pimp himself out to some guy he knows who works at a zoo in Iowa to get me a job there. He could use his sluttiness for a good cause! Which would actually... be awesome. It kind of surprises me how into this plan he is. I have this thing where I'm always half-convinced that I like other people better than they like me. Even him, and we've been BFF since middle school. Oh self, one day you will grow self-esteem. It will be all pretty and leafy. Maybe birds will live in it.

In conclusion, I love all MCR. Ahahahahaha, I thought I was done with bandom. WRONG.


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