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Time flies when you're ignoring all your responsibilities in favor of a kabillion parts of bad British soap with compelling gay storyline on youtube. I could have just said "having fun" there instead, but I like specificity. Unless I feel like being vague. Which is most of the time. I also like being contrary.

No, srsly guys. It somehow became Thursday without my knowledge and I was all, Wait. What? There were other days in this week somewhere... And then I learned five chapters of immunology the night before/day of an exam. For definitions of "learned" that include "made up some science." With a side of "procrastination via layout tinkering."

Random observation of the day: deer are intimidatingly large when they're six feet away from you. I'm pretty sure all that grace and shyness is just a front anyway. I have heard way too many horror stories from the campus two hours away. People have had to swim out into the middle of ponds to escape the deer there. They get ANGRY during breeding season.

Hey, I have an idea. Maybe sometime soon I could actually get around to answering comments. Like I haven't done in ages! Because of all the fail!
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That wailing and gnashing of teeth you just heard? That was me realizing I forgot my hard drive at home. The hard drive where Farscape lives. Well, [livejournal.com profile] catwalksalone, it would appear I'll have time to start your saga of Boys in Love after all. The Yay Boys part of me is full of glee at this prospect. The crack addict craving another fix is decidedly less happy.

Had bird exam today, which I most likely did well on because there is no justice in the world. I read bandom fic until 3am, and only then did I begin to study in anything like earnest. This is not a good strategy but damned if it hasn't worked for me so far.

On the agenda for the rest of the week: finish Merchant of Venice (I'm shipping Antonio/Bassanio and don't know how I feel about that), start Midsummer Night's Dream, and learn five chapters' worth of immunology for exam on Friday. Aaaaand I probably won't start anything until Thursday evening. *is resigned to fate*
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Think I can sue Nintendo if my arms fall off? Wii boxing was two days ago, body. What happened to forgive and forget?

So, this conversation happened. Condensed for your convenience. )

Friend: invariably more into fandom than I give him credit for.

I managed to acquire (read: so much piracy I should get a complimentary eye patch) A Knight's Tale, too. It's been aaaaaages since I've seen it, and I'd forgotten how much fun it is. [livejournal.com profile] catwalksalone. OMG, cat. I think I'm in love with Chaucer. Or Paul Bettany. Probably both. My point is ♥__♥

The urge to break out the due South dvds has been mighty the past couple of days. I do not understand this. Generally, when I drop from a fandom, I drop with the permanence of a watermelon out a window. But lately, there is a tiny person in my brain who keeps pawing at me and wailing, "But. Raaaaay." IDK, guys. Like, 80% of the awesome things I have in my life happened because of due South. I'm unreasonably reluctant to go back to it and taint the memories or whatever.
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I just caught The Rachael Maddow Show for the first time. Oh internets, when will I ever learn to stop doubting you? She's every bit as amazing as you promised. Brainy lesbian newscaster with lots of righteous anger and a quirky sense of humor who blithely mentions reading comic books? Rachael Maddow, do me now.


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