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I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, and I'll tell you how I'm going to cut every single one of the people in my bio group and also how I'm probably doing a whole 'nother year of school.

Point the first: We have to have a list of plants we need for a habitat rehabilitation project tomorrow morning. We have approximately NOTHING. The dude who CHOSE the habitat is maintaining radio silence despite being the only one with any real ideas for this thing, even after I sent out email last night explicitly asking him to clue the rest of us in. If I have to send out more email it'll be explicit in an entirely different way. This is how I always end up the group leader for this crap; everyone else is too fucking incompetent to be let loose on their own. Also, I have to memorize a THOUSAND bird calls by tomorrow morning. And that is not nearly as hyperbolic as I wish it were.

As for point the second: I HAVE THE WORST PLANS EVER. I'm probably staying a semester beyond what I intended to get that English degree I've been considering ever since... I started college? I was looking at my records and, you guys, after next fall I'll be three lit classes, a French class, and a final project away from that degree. It would be so dumb not to just bite the bullet for one more semester and do it. Five years, and a double major in two COMPLETELY UNRELATED fields. That's pretty badass.

Even with all that, I can't bring myself to be too stressed right now because at this very time in two weeks? I will be in BOSTON with my GIRLS. \o/
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When my lungs mutiny, I am blaming Professor Nutjob. Yesterday morning I was dragged outside in weather that bore a distinct lack of degrees to watch birds for 40 minutes. Chucks are not shoes designed for that kind of cold, let me tell you. The ice on the lake was thick enough to make that cracking boom sound. (Okay, that part? That was kind of neat. I've never heard that IRL before.) I live a step away from the south, people, I did not sign up for this shit. Thank god we're getting back up to temps where water is liquid.

For the rant portion of the day: AMAZON HAS STILL NOT GIVEN ME MY BOOKS. I ordered nearly TWO WEEKS AGO. Amazon UK gets my stuff to me in three days tops, and they have to send things across an OCEAN, ffs. What is this fuckery? They will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

I did, however, get some mail from Bulgaria. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] nyn17! The postcard was, um, most enlightening. (Seriously. You're not making that up? He actually went that kind of batshit crazy?)

Guys, this is why I love the internet. I get to have friends who live half a world away AND I get to talk to them regularly. There is no version of life in which that is not amazing. <3

(PS: I love this icon even more now that I have to read Richard III.)
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Things that are not a good idea: Walking the 25 minutes back to my apartment in weather that would keep a snowflake very happy. My upper half was nice and toasty under the long-sleeve shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, pea coat, and gloves. My lower half? The only way I could have any confidence that my legs were still moving was the creeping advance of distant objects.

UGH I AM SO BORED. *dramatic swoon* I have many tabs of fic open and I do not want a single one of them. All of the bandom fic is too long for my attention span to cope with right now, and Merlin fic keeps frustrating me. I can't find anything that fits what I'm looking for and wah wah wah my life is so hard. Why aren't all of you writing to exactly suit my tastes?

(I feel so awkward insulting fic because way to criticize, little Miss Writes-Nothing. But so much of what I've read drifts uncomfortably close to the land of Your Kinks Are Showing. Or Rampant Feminization-ville. Or just plain Mills and Boon Do Fanfic ...town. Yes, I am going to keep using stupid made-up place names. Which isn't to say that I haven't found anything good! Just that I mostly haven't found what I'm personally looking for. *GIANT MASSIVE DISCLAIMER*)

I think maybe I'm just spoiled from an RPS fandom where I have an easier time accepting a range of characterization. It's not as hard to go along with variations when your characters are sort of a collective creation than when they come pre-packaged. (snerk)


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