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Birthdate:Jun 27
Location:United States of America
Some sort of warp in time - sadly, no Tim Curry or David Tennant in sight - has put me into my fourth year of college. I'm majoring in something sensible because, as far as I know, schools don't offer a degree in advanced flailing. Student loans own my soul whenever LJ is not batting it around like a cat toy.

I'm semi-nocturnal, anti-social, super-liberal, and many other hyphenated words as well. I'm also introverted, lacking in social skills, and fantastically good at recommending myself to others.

Fandoms I have loved and may love again: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, and due South. I used to say that boys in bands would never get me, but that was a dreadful lie. Now bandom has eaten all my brains. I don't actually post much fannish content, but that is always subject to change. I am a fickle creature.

Here's my friending policy in a paragraph that repeats the word "friend" until it loses all meaning: Please, by all means, friend away. Validation is like crack and I have a habit to support. If I've friended you, I've probably left a comment saying something to that effect; it's only sporting to let people know when you plan on stalking them. If for whatever reason you've friended me and discovered the horrible truth (i.e., I'm talentless hack who rambles about boring crap in a dull and unengaging manner), feel equally free to defriend. No hurt feelings.

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