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Hi! I'm not dead!

Finals ate my brains for two weeks like a hungry, hungry zombie (that board game would be SO MUCH MORE AWESOME - instead of the marble things there'd be tiny little brains and the zombies would have teeth and maybe I have an entire backlog of crazy to get through at this point, I can't say). Then I had moving home, and then I had moving home with, surprise, NO INTERNET. AT&T worked some voodoo that kept all the precious interwebs locked away until we reinstalled some software long since lost to the sands of time. But the Brother Creature fixed it! And now all is happiness and light!

In the middle of all those shenanigans I had an LJ-versary. Four fucking years, dudes. It feels like a long damn time and simultaneously not nearly long enough. It's hard to believe there was a point in my life where I didn't have fandom, didn't know any of you. In case you didn't know, I heart you guys kind of a lot. You're totally stuck with me for another four years, now with additional DW account. (My DW and LJ share a birthday. This pleases me entirely too much.) Finally I am rid of my numbers! Just entropical over there, and you should all friend me so I don't have to hunt you down like the stalky, stalky person I am. It'll be much more comfortable for all involved.

So! I'm going to start catching up on flist! Maybe I'll even leave comments at some point. And then? I might talk about all the SPN I've been watching. Or the Patrick O'Brian I read to soothe my poor, lonely soul. It's all very thrilling.
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I tripped and fell and somehow Supernatural landed on my hard drive. There was [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw on IM, youtube links, a fic link... it's all kind of a blur. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I SAID I WOULDN'T GET INVOLVED? SO. MANY. Damn her and her pimpery. *shakes fist*

Also, I'm now all out of The Middleman. It's so saaaaaaad. I yearn for more of my quirky, geeky, Bechdel test-passing show. The AU episode was just as brilliant as was promised, though, so at least I finally got to experience that. *sniffle* Seriously, anyone who hasn't watched it yet: WHY NOT? I will provide uploads here and now if that's what it takes. I'll turn this journal around right this very instant. Don't make me pull up MegaUpload.
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I wouldn't have known at all if I hadn't gone to print out notes and saw a posting about a study session for yesterday. I would have walked into that class, sat down, and probably died of a heart attack. Thank the sweet baby Jesus the lowest grade gets dropped. THREE GUESSES WHICH ONE THAT'LL BE FOR ME.

Sometimes I don't know how I haven't killed myself with sticks yet.
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Hallo, internets. I am returned safe and mostly sound and also with accidental peach schnapps. This, I feel, sums up the weekend well enough.

Life without fangirls is weird and sad and comes with 90% less random squee. I do not approve of these shenanigans. /o\
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Y, Jamboree tiems nao!

Heading off into the wild blue yonder in T minus one hour. If I die in a plane crash know that it was totally worth it and also tell my mother to not look in my top right dresser drawer. I'd like to have my memory unsullied by awkwardness. (Great. Now I've got myself all superstitiously freaked out.)

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I'm AWESOME at getting around to things months and months after everyone else has moved on. Which is why I've just now watched The History Boys. )

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I have been really exceedingly bad at posting (and commenting) lately. I'm reading everything! Just not, y'know, responding to it. /o\

Brief rundown of my existence lately:
- Shakespeare. Two plays. Need done by Wednesday. Have I done any reading? Ahahahahahahaha, you silly things. OF COURSE I HAVEN'T.
- Being the Littlest Lumberjack (and I'm okay). The course description for ornithology neglected to mention that I'd spend a couple of hours clearing brush and praying to the sweet baby Jesus I didn't stumble across a patch of poison ivy. Fangirls love lepers, I'm sure.
- Not Packing. I like to save that joy for the morning I leave. Nothing like a dose of panic to make everyday life more interesting.
- Everything is better with drinking games, including things that are already awesome. (Notable exception: quality of typing. And it's harder to decipher the drunk text of others when you're a bit sloshed yourself.) However, do not reveal any ignorance as to the rules of said game. People will take cruel advantage of this and shout random numbers at you to make you drink more.
- Watching Paul Bettany juggle fire while half-naked. Some people will have already heard about this, but I find that it can't be stated often enough. Paul Bettany. Fire juggling. Half-naked.

Also, I wanted to mention to my roomies/those I am likely to hang out with that I have 150 GB of storage space open for any media we're likely to need THIS WEEKENED OMG. My hard drive is your hard drive, people. If I can find a source for it, I will make it happen.
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I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, and I'll tell you how I'm going to cut every single one of the people in my bio group and also how I'm probably doing a whole 'nother year of school.

Point the first: We have to have a list of plants we need for a habitat rehabilitation project tomorrow morning. We have approximately NOTHING. The dude who CHOSE the habitat is maintaining radio silence despite being the only one with any real ideas for this thing, even after I sent out email last night explicitly asking him to clue the rest of us in. If I have to send out more email it'll be explicit in an entirely different way. This is how I always end up the group leader for this crap; everyone else is too fucking incompetent to be let loose on their own. Also, I have to memorize a THOUSAND bird calls by tomorrow morning. And that is not nearly as hyperbolic as I wish it were.

As for point the second: I HAVE THE WORST PLANS EVER. I'm probably staying a semester beyond what I intended to get that English degree I've been considering ever since... I started college? I was looking at my records and, you guys, after next fall I'll be three lit classes, a French class, and a final project away from that degree. It would be so dumb not to just bite the bullet for one more semester and do it. Five years, and a double major in two COMPLETELY UNRELATED fields. That's pretty badass.

Even with all that, I can't bring myself to be too stressed right now because at this very time in two weeks? I will be in BOSTON with my GIRLS. \o/
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Hey guys. So I'm really tired and also drunk right now, but remind me to tell you how I came out to more of my family (mostly due to all the drunk and tired) and how it was totes okay at some point when I'm not, y'know, tired and also drunk. 'Cause that shit was awesomesauce.

(All this drunkenness is practice for MJ. It is for my own good, I swear. This way my liver will not be taken by surprise.)
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My spine makes crumpling sounds when I bend backwards. That cannot be good.

I have to be insightful about Richard III for 800 more words and these are the observations I'm making. I believe the technical term here is DOOMED. And tomorrow brings a chem exam, studying for a bio exam, and pulling a research project proposal out of a hat for Friday. Right now, all I have is "Birds. :D? :D?" Ugh. Why isn't Subtext: How to Spot the Elusive Gay a class? I would ace every single one of those exams.

But! In not that many weeks Thursday morning will mean planes. Planes to take me to Boston and fangirls! That is one hell of a bright spot on the horizon. *rubs hands together in glee*
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HOLY FUCKING HELL. You guys, Being Human is AMAZING.

Most of my text is reduced to keymash so: disjointedness ahoy! )

I can has second season now?
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Time flies when you're ignoring all your responsibilities in favor of a kabillion parts of bad British soap with compelling gay storyline on youtube. I could have just said "having fun" there instead, but I like specificity. Unless I feel like being vague. Which is most of the time. I also like being contrary.

No, srsly guys. It somehow became Thursday without my knowledge and I was all, Wait. What? There were other days in this week somewhere... And then I learned five chapters of immunology the night before/day of an exam. For definitions of "learned" that include "made up some science." With a side of "procrastination via layout tinkering."

Random observation of the day: deer are intimidatingly large when they're six feet away from you. I'm pretty sure all that grace and shyness is just a front anyway. I have heard way too many horror stories from the campus two hours away. People have had to swim out into the middle of ponds to escape the deer there. They get ANGRY during breeding season.

Hey, I have an idea. Maybe sometime soon I could actually get around to answering comments. Like I haven't done in ages! Because of all the fail!
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That wailing and gnashing of teeth you just heard? That was me realizing I forgot my hard drive at home. The hard drive where Farscape lives. Well, [livejournal.com profile] catwalksalone, it would appear I'll have time to start your saga of Boys in Love after all. The Yay Boys part of me is full of glee at this prospect. The crack addict craving another fix is decidedly less happy.

Had bird exam today, which I most likely did well on because there is no justice in the world. I read bandom fic until 3am, and only then did I begin to study in anything like earnest. This is not a good strategy but damned if it hasn't worked for me so far.

On the agenda for the rest of the week: finish Merchant of Venice (I'm shipping Antonio/Bassanio and don't know how I feel about that), start Midsummer Night's Dream, and learn five chapters' worth of immunology for exam on Friday. Aaaaand I probably won't start anything until Thursday evening. *is resigned to fate*
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Why is it SO DIFFICULT to post after you've been quiet a lot? I think the text box gets rusty. The pretend kind of rust that affects pixels and gives you digital tetanus.

My cat is being clingy. R. Kelly here got trapped in my brother's closet for a couple of hours today. He's making up for lost attention and insists upon being in my room... so he can stand by the door and want right back out and then demand to be let back in. Rinse and repeat ad freaking nauseum and I am about to make a lovely hat out of him. It will be furry and warm.

ION, I am now done poking about in dead pigeons. \o/ The life of the average bio major involves about 100% more slitting open of preserved corpses than those in other disciplines, I've found. Except for maybe the math people. I have my doubts about them. *eyes suspiciously*

The lack of bird corpses in my life makes it EVEN EASIER to predict what I am doing at any given moment: now it's down to "sleeping" and "watching Farscape." Entire first season in three or four days. \o?

Oh my dear lord, you guys. It's eating those few precious remaining brain cells. I have, at various times, wanted to hit each and every one of these characters, and I LOVE THEM. CLAUDIA BLACK. OH MY GOD. John Crichton, who's so not my type (I prefer my guys to, um, look a little more like girls than Ben Browder does? But damn those are good arms to have) but who is so awesome that he has BECOME my type. He tapes up broken robots, guys! There is no universe in which that is not adorable! And hey there, thing for blue alien chicks I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I HAD, I am not entirely certain you're okay. *goes to start second season*
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Okay, so I'm not even all the way through the first episode of The Middleman and just - aladkjfadl! Why did I not watch this ages ago? OMG LOVE. More on this later, probably. When I've seen more than half an hour of the show.

Things I am apparently also watching:

- Farscape. For this I blame [livejournal.com profile] lordessrenegade and [livejournal.com profile] catwalksalone.
- Psych. Only one episode behind! \o/
- Veronica Mars. Mainly 'cause Vonnie scolded me a lot when she found out I'd never seen it. Er, oops? I think I was busy with HP at the time, I cannot be blamed.

And then there's still the Merlin love and the Aubrey/Maturin series - into which I've dragged others YAY PIMPING. And, y'know, finding time to eat and sleep and go to class. This multifannish thing is hard, yo.

There's RL stuff in there too but it's all boring and I can't be bothered. *handwaving* Today I spent time with real human beings in the same room as me. That totally counts as an event, right?
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Firefox won't open things I type into the address bar, didn't save my tabs from the last session, and is generally being a pissy little bitch. It'll never see another update again if this is what I get for my trouble. *growls*

I have been a bad, terrible, no-good student today. Both of my classes lost out to watching Veronica Mars with [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw. Blame her, for she is a dirty enabler. She scolded me a lot when I let it slip that I'd never seen the show, and now all I want to do is watch more of it. Studying for chem is even less appealing than usual, and usually it falls somewhere between barrel of roaches and petting a cactus. (Why don't chemists have to take bio, I ask you. There is no justice in the world.)

The fact that I graduate in less than a year and the only plan I have so far involves gallivanting around England for a couple of weeks is beginning to stress me out. Friend has generously offered to pimp himself out to some guy he knows who works at a zoo in Iowa to get me a job there. He could use his sluttiness for a good cause! Which would actually... be awesome. It kind of surprises me how into this plan he is. I have this thing where I'm always half-convinced that I like other people better than they like me. Even him, and we've been BFF since middle school. Oh self, one day you will grow self-esteem. It will be all pretty and leafy. Maybe birds will live in it.

In conclusion, I love all MCR. Ahahahahaha, I thought I was done with bandom. WRONG.
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I would like to register a complaint at the department of evolution. This female reproductive system is borked. A cranky uterus results in an aching back, how? There has to be a better design.

Have caved and ordered the next three Aubrey/Maturin books. (How much do I love that that's what the series is called by people who aren't writing fanfic about it? *holds arms out wide*) Friend mocked me most cruelly. His tune changed once the words "gay" and "subtext" came up. It is, after all, our most favorite of all subtexts. It legitimizes many lifestyle choices.

While we're on the topic, I'm going to ramble about Psych a little. )

Current clothing choices involve a black undershirt, this t-shirt, and black pajama pants. I'm wonky hair and a mask away from being a very scene ninja, and I do not even care. I have to get up for an 8am lab tomorrow, and I intend to laze it up even more than usual this evening.

Memo to self: lungs are not like delicate flowers. They do not need to be watered, especially not with tea.
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Motherfucking SNOW DAY! \o/ YEAH, BITCHES! Watch as I swear a lot in my joy! (Like Neil Gaiman, in a way.) Thank god for living in almost-the-south, where three inches of snow make the entire county shut down. I will pause for all you northerners to laugh disdainfully, secure in the knowledge that you're just jellus.

Have finished Master and Commander. I was dumb and didn't pre-buy the next couple in the series, so I am now bereft of Jack and Stephen. *sadface* I just - *flail* )

And because I like to hedge my pimpery with caveats, I have to say that I can fully understand not getting the love. The books are more a record of the lives of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin than anything else. There isn't really a conventional narrative structure with exposition leading into the exciting bits in the middle and then tapering off into denouement. It's one continuous story full of lots of ye olde naval jargon. But: LOVE. I have so much love for it.

I've moved on to the first book in the Lymond Chronicles, because apparently I enjoy having to pause and look things up every ten minutes. (Scottish people do not speak English, I have concluded. Already there are entire sentences where I understand neither subject nor verb.) Testing the waters here to see if I like it, and then I'll probably obtain the next two Aubrey-Maturin and the second in this series all at once.

And, just to round things out in an entry composed of 90% fannish flailing, I have pinpointed the exact moment that I gave up and loved Psych with my entire soul: An episode about Spanish soap operas in which they translated the theme song. Possibly I will need icons.
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Ugh, Psych, stop finding ways to make me love you more. ♥
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Three day weekends are beautiful. *lazes* (I'm ignoring the fact that this is the last extended vacation I'll see until spring break for lo, that is depressing and unsuitable for this time of joy.)

The only goal I have for today is getting through the third act of Richard III and maybe a bit of the fourth. And dudes, all this Shakespeare is making me long for Slings & Arrows something fierce. I'm going to have to find a source because *grabby hands*

And then I'm going back to Master and Commander. There are entire paragraphs in which I understand only prepositions and conjunctions, but O'Brian is good about explaining the important things and conveying the gist of the action through all the detail. And I have wikipedia on standby if I absolutely must know what a deadeye is.

And now: the unrepentant flailing. )

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting to say, but yeah. I've only read half and I kind of adore it.