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My spine makes crumpling sounds when I bend backwards. That cannot be good.

I have to be insightful about Richard III for 800 more words and these are the observations I'm making. I believe the technical term here is DOOMED. And tomorrow brings a chem exam, studying for a bio exam, and pulling a research project proposal out of a hat for Friday. Right now, all I have is "Birds. :D? :D?" Ugh. Why isn't Subtext: How to Spot the Elusive Gay a class? I would ace every single one of those exams.

But! In not that many weeks Thursday morning will mean planes. Planes to take me to Boston and fangirls! That is one hell of a bright spot on the horizon. *rubs hands together in glee*
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Time flies when you're ignoring all your responsibilities in favor of a kabillion parts of bad British soap with compelling gay storyline on youtube. I could have just said "having fun" there instead, but I like specificity. Unless I feel like being vague. Which is most of the time. I also like being contrary.

No, srsly guys. It somehow became Thursday without my knowledge and I was all, Wait. What? There were other days in this week somewhere... And then I learned five chapters of immunology the night before/day of an exam. For definitions of "learned" that include "made up some science." With a side of "procrastination via layout tinkering."

Random observation of the day: deer are intimidatingly large when they're six feet away from you. I'm pretty sure all that grace and shyness is just a front anyway. I have heard way too many horror stories from the campus two hours away. People have had to swim out into the middle of ponds to escape the deer there. They get ANGRY during breeding season.

Hey, I have an idea. Maybe sometime soon I could actually get around to answering comments. Like I haven't done in ages! Because of all the fail!
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Happy New Year, internets! It is a new year, and all I've done in it so far is poke my computer awake and check my flist. Kicking 2009 off right. *nods decisively* My plans fell through last night so I spent the last bit of 2008 curled up around my laptop and reading fic. (I'm sensing a pattern there.) A couple of my peoples were still going out, but to a bar that wanted me to pay $40 for the privilege of entering. I have entire bottles of booze here already that didn't cost me $40 combined. I neglected to acquiesce to their request.

I would do that 2008 retrospective meme thing I've seen if my life were less dull and I were less slothy. Suffice it to say that, all in all, the good things outweighed the bad and I was happy more often than I was sad. What more can you ask, really?


Dec. 19th, 2008 06:14 pm
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My cough drops are colored with chlorophyll. This pleases me in the most bio-geeky way possible.


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