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When my lungs mutiny, I am blaming Professor Nutjob. Yesterday morning I was dragged outside in weather that bore a distinct lack of degrees to watch birds for 40 minutes. Chucks are not shoes designed for that kind of cold, let me tell you. The ice on the lake was thick enough to make that cracking boom sound. (Okay, that part? That was kind of neat. I've never heard that IRL before.) I live a step away from the south, people, I did not sign up for this shit. Thank god we're getting back up to temps where water is liquid.

For the rant portion of the day: AMAZON HAS STILL NOT GIVEN ME MY BOOKS. I ordered nearly TWO WEEKS AGO. Amazon UK gets my stuff to me in three days tops, and they have to send things across an OCEAN, ffs. What is this fuckery? They will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

I did, however, get some mail from Bulgaria. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] nyn17! The postcard was, um, most enlightening. (Seriously. You're not making that up? He actually went that kind of batshit crazy?)

Guys, this is why I love the internet. I get to have friends who live half a world away AND I get to talk to them regularly. There is no version of life in which that is not amazing. <3

(PS: I love this icon even more now that I have to read Richard III.)
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Time hasn't done anything to make me hate organic chemistry less. I swear to god, I can feel my soul withering with every minute I sit in that lecture hall. And I have it again tomorrow. *sobs* Intro to Shakespeare afterward is soothing and peaceful by comparison.

Why did no one warn me that breaking in boots is an immensely painful experience? Sweet merciful Jesus, OW. I expected there to be BLOOD when I got them off. Damn you, Doc Martens, I will wear you even if it kills me, and it looks like it very well might. Exsanguination through the ankles.

Also, to wrap things up in the usual no-segues-ever way, I've started watching Psych. Dudes, one day I will learn to listen to you when you say you love something. I really, really will. This show is AWESOME.
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Classes start tomorrow, flist. I'm beginning to think it will be a Good Thing. My brain is even more scattershot than is (relatively) normal. I'm at that weird halfway place where I'm sort of falling out of one fandom and into a new one while at the same time just kind of... drifting around. Therefore: intense obsession with lots of things! Like Merlin! And Paul Bettany! And Master and Commander and A Knight's Tale and Colin Morgan!

It's deeply frustrating. Mine is a monofannish nature not made for things like this. I can't settle, I can't focus, I have loads of energy and nothing to center it on. I remember this climbing-the-walls feeling from leaving Due South; it'll fade eventually, I know it will. In the meantime, though? There's a constant pressing need to be flailing over something and telling someone just why it is the most awesomely awesomest thing ever to awesome, and Friend is about to reach through the internet to STAB me in the FACE.

(Case in point: some kind soul uploaded Midnight, the episode of Doctor Who CM's in, to youtube, and I've sent Friend eleventy billion IMs about how it's brilliant and also Colin is ridiculously attractive in emo clothes. He agrees with these things, but just. There's a difference between fannish people and non-fannish, and that difference is that he can only talk about it for so long before bashing his head against a wall.)

IDK. I guess, in summary, it's shocking how much I need a fandom to keep me grounded? /o\
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Aaaaaand Merlin watchery is set to begin in just a bit. I'm stealing all of Vonnie's hard work again and just linking her post.

I'm entropical87 on AIM too, so if you have any problems you can ping either her or me. She might be your best bet though, as I am dim.
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[livejournal.com profile] airinshaw and I are holding a vaguely epic Merlin watching/chat tomorrow. And because I am lazy, I will simply link to her entry rather than type everything out all over again. (Our relationship is beautiful. She does work, I profit.)

You should stop by! We will be ridiculous! And maybe drunk!
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It is entirely possible that I've spent too much time watching/thinking about British media. My brain has developed an accent.

Next Monday: DO NOT WANT. *clings to current life of sloth* I looked at the syllabus for one of my lit classes last night and then sobbed quietly. Two five-page-minimum research papers, two 12-15 minute presentations incorporating "extensive use of audio/visual materials," and a 12-15 page final paper with footnote-y hell. And that would be on top of two upper-level bio courses, another lit course, and my nemesis, Organic Chemistry. So what I'm thinking is that I want to not have a nervous breakdown, and in order to make that happen? The lit class is going to have to go.

Bleh. I feel all stupidly guilty over it, like I should be pushing myself harder. But the fact is, it's unnecessary: even dropping this class and picking up something equivalent next fall, that final semester will still be 15 credit hours at the most. It wouldn't be any inconvenience, I wouldn't be screwing myself over by doing this, and I tend to operate on an all-or-nothing basis when it comes to class. If I have that much work, Nothing stands up and shimmies enticingly.

...This is all very dull to people who aren't me, I'm sure. Um. *dances for your amusement*?
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I, um, have committed fic? Believe me, I'm just as surprised as anyone. And [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw gets about 50% of the blame for forcing gently encouraging me to post it.

Walks Like. 650 words on [livejournal.com profile] merlin_flashfic.
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Guys. (I typed "gays" like, five times at least, paging Dr. Freud) I am so very very drunk right now. I cannot even tell you. It's all my brother's fault. And if I didn't hit backspace ELEVENTY BILLION TIMES you would read the full force of the drunk. But I am persistent so you will not.

Basically, this is to say that I would do Paul Bettany SO HARD. SO HARD. OMG. I watched Wimbledon today and I have just finished telling Friend how I would do Paul Bettany. But not providing details because I am demure like that.

[livejournal.com profile] joandarck, you were so very right. His pants are so low on his hips and he is so shirtless and I watched that scene about a dozen times. I would do such unspeakable things to him.

Dudes, I have the idea that I am going to be so embarrassed tomorrow. And yet? I care not. Even though Friend has signed off and it may not be accidental.

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So I've just watched Master and Commander. )

I'll probably end up buying this on dvd. Historical high-seas action/adventure, you are one of the various forms of my kryptonite.
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Think I can sue Nintendo if my arms fall off? Wii boxing was two days ago, body. What happened to forgive and forget?

So, this conversation happened. Condensed for your convenience. )

Friend: invariably more into fandom than I give him credit for.

I managed to acquire (read: so much piracy I should get a complimentary eye patch) A Knight's Tale, too. It's been aaaaaages since I've seen it, and I'd forgotten how much fun it is. [livejournal.com profile] catwalksalone. OMG, cat. I think I'm in love with Chaucer. Or Paul Bettany. Probably both. My point is ♥__♥

The urge to break out the due South dvds has been mighty the past couple of days. I do not understand this. Generally, when I drop from a fandom, I drop with the permanence of a watermelon out a window. But lately, there is a tiny person in my brain who keeps pawing at me and wailing, "But. Raaaaay." IDK, guys. Like, 80% of the awesome things I have in my life happened because of due South. I'm unreasonably reluctant to go back to it and taint the memories or whatever.
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Broken sleep schedule leads to things like watching Planet Earth at 6am. Dudes. Dudes, omfg. These are the most amaaaaazing documentaries ever. And I know that the very EXISTENCE of a sentence like that is why I'm going to die alone, but akldjflkadfklja.

If I ever, EVER doubt that I'm a goddamn biologist? Remind me that I just spent an hour enthralled by things like birds of paradise and a pack of African wild dogs on the hunt. And oh man, those shots of great white sharks throwing themselves out of the water after seals? My face was on permanent O.O

I fucking love science. This was some of the best money I've ever spent. *bounces*
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Happy New Year, internets! It is a new year, and all I've done in it so far is poke my computer awake and check my flist. Kicking 2009 off right. *nods decisively* My plans fell through last night so I spent the last bit of 2008 curled up around my laptop and reading fic. (I'm sensing a pattern there.) A couple of my peoples were still going out, but to a bar that wanted me to pay $40 for the privilege of entering. I have entire bottles of booze here already that didn't cost me $40 combined. I neglected to acquiesce to their request.

I would do that 2008 retrospective meme thing I've seen if my life were less dull and I were less slothy. Suffice it to say that, all in all, the good things outweighed the bad and I was happy more often than I was sad. What more can you ask, really?
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I have been steadily consuming a giant rice krispie treat since Christmas. It's nearly gone now. I am both saddened and relieved.

Looks like I have New Years plans for the first time, erm, ever? I'm getting dragged to some party thing for shenanigans that will probably take a turn toward drunken. Initially there was freaking out because omg there will probably be a lot of people and I will know only a handful of them. But then I stopped and realized... I can totally handle this. That's something I wouldn't have been able to say even two years ago. And I kind of have you guys to thank for that. *maudlin moment of huggery*

Finally: I've been reading this thing and the characters who wear glasses are forever pushing their glasses up with their palms. And it bothers me EVERY SINGLE TIME. No lie, I spent a good five minutes to Friend over IM all bzuh? over it. So we have a poll! FOR SCIENCE.

[Poll #1322691]
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I am SO BORED, internets. That stubborn and frustrated kind of bored that keeps anything from holding my attention span for more than five minutes, won't let my words work, and just. Bleh. What's more, I'm PMSing. So I'm bored, and the hormones are like, yeah, because you're a LOSER who has NO FRIENDS and you SUCK and NO ONE LIKES YOU ANYWAY. I picture my hormones as angsty 13-year-olds who slam doors a lot and blast Evanescence while writing wretched poetry about the meaningless pain that is their existence.

So basically, that's a slightly long-winded (medium-winded? gusty?) way of saying that I want to cry, maybe stab something, and cry more. Then I'll dye my hair, get a bunch of piercings, and only buy clothes from Hot Topic.


Dec. 19th, 2008 06:14 pm
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My cough drops are colored with chlorophyll. This pleases me in the most bio-geeky way possible.
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Done with exams! \o/ No school again until January! \o/\o/ Coming down with a cold! /o\/o\/o\

At least my body waited until after finals to be mean to me? I think my throat is turning into gravel and the world has gone slightly woozy and distant. Also, I'm pretty sure I have a fever. It is not of 103, though, so we're not in danger yet. But I just might be lame enough to go back to sleep after only being up for an hour. At... 3:30 in the afternoon. Shut up, it's a legitimate lifestyle choice.
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I am finished studying for the last exam of the semester. \o/ (You linguists are completely mad. Why you would choose to study this is beyond me. I didn't know what I was getting into, but you? You take class after class of this madness. *clings to safe, familiar sciencey things*)

Now I am going to watch frivolous television and let my brain wind down from fight-or-flight mode. (Seriously: Insane.)

(Note to [livejournal.com profile] airinshaw: Vacation starts tomorrow/later today. My free time will be plentiful. Also, I have gone, what, a day and a half without IMing you? And yet I am already going through withdrawal. Clearly, you are made of crack. I mean that in the best way possible.)
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I just caught The Rachael Maddow Show for the first time. Oh internets, when will I ever learn to stop doubting you? She's every bit as amazing as you promised. Brainy lesbian newscaster with lots of righteous anger and a quirky sense of humor who blithely mentions reading comic books? Rachael Maddow, do me now.